Tear Rain

It is estimated that we produce 60 litres of tears in an average lifetime. If we cried for a year, therefore, we could produce about 80 centilitres of fluid.

We've all had bad years that we could have happily cried away. As is said, don't hold back, it's better out than in...

Land is land and what we live on, and Terrain is the same place as seen by soldiers and pilots who view it by the advantages and disadvantages it offers those in such critical need. All in all tears fall whatever the name, wherever the place.

Tear Rain is an acknowledgement of that fact.

On the 12th September, at Farnborough airfield, a two stage rocket named Tear Rain will carry a years worth of artificial tears high into the sky and release them in an airburst. The journey, point of release and return safely to earth will be recorded via an onboard camera.
The flight is part of an event organised by Arts Catalyst, details of which can be found here.

This site will be updated as the project develops.

Contact: miles@trampoline-berlin.de